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A Time For Everything: The Kevin Zimmerman Story

Does God still work miracles today as He did in the Bible?
That question, asked in a television interview several years ago,
prompted Kevin Zimmerman to commission the writing and publication of his personal story as a response.
This book details how God worked not one, but two amazing miracles in Kevin’s personal life.
More importantly, you’ll learn how God brought Kevin to the point in his life where miracles could happen.
After you finish reading this book, perhaps you will recognize the many occasions God has worked miracles in your life, too.
Your moment of truth begins now!


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Businesses Paying It Forward #BPIF

Airborne Cadet Angels of Texas

Airborne Cadet Angels of Texas’ Mission Statement is: To support American men and women serving abroad in harm's way by supplying them with goodies, needs and comforts of home, along with thoughts and prayers, to let them know that we, at home, care and support them and that they are not forgotten.

They started out sending care packages to American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in January of 2005. Their small group of ladies in the Dallas area has grown to about 100 active members (all unpaid volunteers), and they continue to get requests from soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Eastern Europe, Mideast and Southwest Asia.

They receive donated goods and financial donations from supporters all across the USA. Every gift is greatly appreciated by them and by the American soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors overseas.

Their care packages are sent year-round to troops from all 50 states in all branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) of the U.S. military. They try to concentrate their efforts on troops on the front lines and in remote areas.

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